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Let’s fall back in love with the game

Sport occupies a unique cultural real estate and unifies us in a way nothing else does. Today it’s an almost a $7 trillion industry involving countless participants in areas that span from stadiums and arenas into marketing and sponsorship, media, and global institutions. As most of the revenue goes to high-end entities, it is not athletes or clubs who usually reap the rewards of their continuous effort.

There’s no better feeling in the world than watching your team win a big game. Sporting events elicit powerful emotions, from excitement to disappointment, all of which is reinforced by being a part of something bigger. Ever since I was a child, for me a game of sports was not just what happens of a field, but the feeling I got from belonging to a community of fans. Years have passed, but this has not changed.

However, growing up makes you see things from a different perspective. As an entrepreneur who has made a career in the world of sports, I notice how corrupt it has become. The greater the potential for an athlete or a team is, the greater the appetite becomes. The game today is a mercifulness bet on which sponsors, contracts, demands and pressures are bound. As such, sport has become a cumbersome and hungry industry with intricate ties to political and private interest, leaving an open door for non-transparency and power play.

“An athlete cannot compete with money in his pockets. He must run with hope in his heart and dreams in his head.”

On the contrary, being professionally involved in sports means much more than only competing. It takes a tremendous amount of talent, passion and discipline, as well as money to be able to afford all the training and equipment expenses. Athletes, especially up-and-coming ones at the outset of their professional careers, face many issues when it comes to funding their training and participation in worldwide competitions. In such a challenging environment, only a few actually beat the odds and make it to the professionals.

This is why I am so excited about the project my team and I have launched. SportyCo aims to become a first truly decentralized sports ecosystem connecting athletes, clubs and organizations directly with fans and investors. We want to disrupt the real world of sports financing with digital world of virtual currencies, opening new possibilities for individual athletes and organizations to raise sports funds on a global scale.

We are giving both fans and potential investors the tools to directly participate in one of the biggest and fastest growing industries; and also allowing the sports community to raise funds independently across the world. We are disrupting the existing model of sports participation financing and returning sports back to its core values.

For our champions to continue to win, they should not concentrate on money (and especially on the lack of it). No global platform provides a transparent solution in sports finance — until now. We are ready to change this world!

We are aware a lot of work is waiting for us, and the token crowdsale is just the first step on this path. Of course, it is also a necessary move in order to make our vision a reality. But we are committed to success and invite all of you to join us in a story that is much more than just a decentralized service. It is a movement, an ideology, a new chapter in sports for those who feel so strongly about it.

So that we can all fall back in love with the game.

Marko Filej, CEO & Co-founder of SportyCo

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