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Dreams can come true

The dream of many young girls and boys is to become a top athlete once they grow up. The sad reality is that just a fraction of them pursue a sporting career after high school or college.

Therefore, the odds of becoming the next basketball, tennis or football superstar are close to nothing. According to research, there are different reasons for that — but one stands out.

The biggest issue is that a lot of talented young athletes simply can’t afford participate on such a high level. Many parents just can’t handle the costs of their talented kid’s career before they enter professional ranks. Training, tournament and travel costs are practically the same as if they were professionals, but what they don’t have is the support. They don’t have sponsorship deals signed nor are there any other funds available for them. Consequently, many of them are forced to quit a promising sports career into which they and their families invested all their time, effort, and money.

It’s time to change this. To help talented athletes fulfil their dreams and become successful pro athletes, SportyFi is offering support to such individuals enabling them to reach their goals by providing a modern approach to sports fundraising. The aim of this unique project is to support up-and-coming athletes at the outset of their professional careers. The great purpose of SportyFi has already been recognized by numerous renowned pro athletes. Hopefully, with their unbelievable support, such incredible talent will not go to waste anymore. Let’s make this vision true — come join us at

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