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SportyFi Token Crowdsale moved to November 21 due to the Segwit2x fork

After a careful consideration and after discussing this subject with some of the leading figures of the cryptocurrency community we have decided to move the SportyFi Token Crowdsale for a short period to November 21.

UPDATE (Nov 8): Although the Segwit2x fork is cancelled, the new date stays: the SportyFi Token Crowdsale will happen on November 21, 2017, 1PM UTC!

The Segwit2x Bitcoin fork is currently the big bad wolf of the crypto community. It’s different from the Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold forks, and will have a more profound impact on the future of Bitcoin, and consequently, on the future of the whole cryptocurrency market.

Several big exchanges and services have already announced that they will suspend trading for a certain period before, during and after the fork, expected to happen most probably on Nov 16 (change will be enacted at block number 494,784). During this time, the whole cryptocurrency ecosystem will be extremely volatile

As the original date of our Token Crowdsale was November 14, right before the Segwit2x fork, this would put a lot of potential investors in a disadvantaged position — due to exchanges and services not working and transactions being processed slower right when we begin with the Crowdsale. Therefore, we decided to move the date for a short period of 7 days, when the ecosystem will balance itself out after the fork-related fluctuations, giving everyone a fair and equal opportunity to participate in our Token Crowdsale.

“SportyFi is an exciting project with high demand. We always want to make the first step in protecting and making our potential token holders happy without leaving anyone out. In that respect, because of the potential Bitcoin fork on or around November 16th, we’ve decided to postpone the SportyFi Token Crowdsale until November 21th. This will allow everyone to participate when all chains are stable again.”

Charlie Shrem

As of the rest of the tasks on our calendar — we’re on track on all fronts. The alpha version of the SportyFi platform is coming along nicely and will be ready before the Token Crowdsale, and we have several more aces up our sleeves we can’t wait to show you.

More on the Segwit2x Bitcoin fork can be found in this informative article on Coindesk.

Need more details? Check out the SportyFi Website or read the SportyFi Whitepaper. And come chat with us on Telegram.

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