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SportyFi Alpha version — ready for internal testing

SportyFi was always about developing a platform. And we are developing the platform as we speak. So how far along are we?

Setting up a crowdsourcing investment platform is not a trivial task — so it’s a good thing that the development team, lead by Blaz, has quite the track record in developing platforms used by a massive amount of users. The SportyFi platform, in its current state, is now available for internal testing — both for our quality assurance team as well as for our advisors and ambassadors. As there are many features still missing, we can’t call it a beta — but we are comfortable calling it a “strong alpha”. ☺

So… what is already done?

Athletes, clubs and organizations can already create a profile and create crowdsourcing campaigns. The cornerstone when creating the profile is the KYC check, which is fully implemented and functional. We consider this function as the crucial part for the security of the investors.

Investors and supporters can also create a profile, and the KYC system is in place for investors and supporters as well, to ensure the integrity of the platform on both the investor as well as the athlete/club’s end of the platform.

A comprehensive profile page is already set up, so everyone participating can set up a proper presentations of herself and himself.

But, the more important part: what still needs to be done?

The blockchain integration is not set up yet. The SportyFi smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain is set up and will be deployed for the token crowdsale. After the distribution of the SPF Tokens to Contributors, we will integrate the SPF Token ecosystem into the platform.

All texts on the website will of course be updated, by us and by the participants in the SportyFi ecosystem. The texts currently used are temporary and are set up just for the sake of testing. We are heavily relying on lorem ipsum at the moment — this will of course not be the case at the launch of the platform.

Updates and improvements to all existing elements will be implemented. As we add additional elements to the platform, we will have to update existing systems to ensure a smooth operation and a consistent experience on the SportyFi platform.

And what is the timeline from now on?

The current platform is a good tool for internal testing and further evolution of the platform. We know many of you are eager to test the platform: we are working towards making it public. By the end of the year, a closed beta of the platform will be ready — and then, we will invite a sizeable part of the SportyFi community to participate in the testing. And the most important part, we are on track for a Q1 2018 launch of the final version of the SportyFi platform.

Check out the platform video and some additional images:

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