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You’ve got questions? We have answers!

We’ve been praised for our comprehensive and in-depth blog posts. But sometimes just a quick answer is all you need. Therefore, we’ve prepared a short FAQ.

Our Telegram community is always available for anyone having questions regarding the SportyFi project and Token Crowdsale — so do join in on the discussion. But sometimes you just need a quick answer to a question you have, or a quick link to the relevant resource — we’ve compiled the most commonly asked questions on different channels into an easy to navigate list. Have a question we didn’t cover? Ask away!

What is SportyFi?

SportyFi is a decentralized sports investment & funding ecosystem. More on what that means is available on our website.

Who is in the SportyFi team?

You can see our team, advisors and ambassadors on the website, complete with links to their LinkedIn profiles.

When did the SportyFi Token Crowdsale start?

On November 21, 2017.

When will the SPF Token Crowdsale end?

It will end when block no. 4,708,120 on the Ethereum blockchain is mined — we expect that to happen on December 10, 2017. More on why the date and time is not specific is available on our blog, and the countdown can always be checked on our website.

How do I participate in the Token Crowdsale?

You participate on our website. We’ve also prepared a beginner’s guide for everyone with less experience in the crypto world.

What’s the price of a SPF token?

The SPF token’s nominal price is $0.12. The ETH to SPF rate was set one day before the beginning of the crowdsale, at 2998 SPF for 1 ETH. Due to the fluctuations in ETH price during the crowdsale we’ve introduced an additional bonus for ALL presale and crowdsale participants.

I’m an athlete. How do I participate and find investors on the SportyFi platform?

The alpha version of the SportyFi platform is currently undergoing internal testing. We plan to have a beta ready at the end of this year, with the platform launching to the public in Q1 2018. A roadmap is available on our website.

What happens with unsold tokens?

All unsold tokens are burned.

Are the team and ambassador tokens locked?

Team tokens are vested for a period of one year from the end of the crowdsale — meaning team members will hold their tokens for at least a year. Ambassador and advisor tokens are not vested.

I’ve sent ETH to your address. Where can I see my tokens?

You can see them in your wallet. For the most commonly used, MyEtherWallet, we’ve prepared detailed instructions on how you can see your SPF token balance (just scroll down a bit after clicking the link).

Is there a bonus for participating in the SportyFi Token Crowdsale?

Yes. You get a 10% bonus for contributing over 100 ETH (in one transaction). There’s also a bonus that will compensate for the Ethereum price fluctuations. More on the reasons for this is explained on our blog.

Is there a bounty campaign?

There are several running and some are already finished. We recommend you check in with our team on Telegram.

When will I get my bounty or bonus tokens?

Tokens for the 10% bonus (for contributions over 100 ETH) are sent to your account immediately, together with your contributor tokens. Tokens from the additional ETH price fluctuation bonus and from bounties will be distributed within 10 days after the end of the SPF Token Crowdsale.

When will you be listed at an exchange and on which one?

We plan to have the SPF token listed on exchanges in the days after the end of the SPF Token Crowdsale: we will be listed on HitBTC on Dec 11 and on Dec 13.

When can I move SPF Tokens to another wallet?

The tokens are locked till the end of the crowdsale. You will be able to move them immediately after the crowdsale ends.

I’ve found a scam website claiming to be you or claiming to help with investing into SportyFi. Is this you?

If it’s not on the domain, then this is not us. Please notify the team immediately!

Need more details? Check out the SportyFi Website or read the SportyFi Whitepaper. And come chat with us on Telegram.

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