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SPF Tokens to be listed on HitBTC

The SPF Token Crowdsale is still in full swing and we have a second exchange already lined up!

We’re happy to announce to all our supporters and backers that, after yesterday’s announcement that the SportyFi SPF token will be tradeable on the Livecoin exchange from December 13, we have an agreeement with another big exchange — the SportyFi SPF Token will be listed on HitBTC on December 11.

This means that the SPF Token ecosystem will be booming right from the beginning, giving both future as well as existing investors the opportunity to participate on two exchanges from next week on.

The SportyFi Token Crowdsale is live until December 9 — don’t miss out!

Need more details? Check out the SportyFi Website or read the SportyFi Whitepaper. And come chat with us on Telegram.

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