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Out with the old, in with the new – meet SportyCo!

With the upcoming launch of the platform we decided to change the name of our project and make it more recognizable. So SportyFi will – with immediate effect, become SportyCo.

Since the beginning of the SportyFi project the amalgam of “sports finances” is, we believe, the best tongue-in-cheek description of what we try to achieve: change how sports and athletes are being financed to achieve athletic success. But, as anyone who tried to search online for “SportyFi” can attest, the name is just too similar to another popular online service. With the imminent launch of the platform and a plethora of other exciting news in the following weeks we have decided that it’s time to kick off with a brand-new name:

Hello, World, meet SportyCo!

We are working hard on rebranding all our online properties as soon as possible – most of the work has already been done, and the rest is being done immediately. We expect to see a wild SportyFi here or there roaming the internets, and are also counting on you, our community, to notify us of any missed rebranding. Thank you all for the help.  

In the next couple of days, we’ve prepared a series of exciting announcements and we will keep this tempo right up to the platform launch – which is less than a couple of months away!

The SPF ticker for the SportyCo token will stay the same, however. 🙂

Need more details? Check out the new SportyCo Website and come chat with us on Telegram.