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From 50 to 500,000 EUR per week

Alexis Sanchez finally puts an end to his transfer saga, joining Manchester United from Arsenal, in which he became the best-ever paid player in Premier League history. The Chilean star is reportedly being paid a 500,000 EUR per week.

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But before he earned this whooping salary many steps and goals had to be reached, so let’s take a brief look at his career.

Football was an escape for Sanchez family in the north of Chile in the late 80’s. His mother Martina raised Alexis and his three siblings on her own in a small city Tocopilla after their father deserted them just before Alexis was born in 1988.  He used to borrow football boots, contributed to the family income by washing cars and even did somersaults in the streets for money. “He always told me that his dream was to be a professional footballer to help his family and that his mother wouldn’t have to work so much,” Juan Segovia, his first coach, told Men Sport. Segovia knew he had a talent on his hands and was keen to keep him away from the streets of Tocopilla. That is why he arranged a trial for Alexis at Cobreloa, a club based 100 km away in Calama, in 2004.

His first salary in Chilean second division club was approximately 200 EUR per month (cca 50 EUR per week). Alexis then quickly moved to Europe with Udinese Calcio in Serie A as his first major club. Later on, he joined FC Barcelona to win five trophies at the Camp Nou before joining Arsenal in 2014 and helping Chile win back-to-back Copa Americas.

Just a few days ago he changed London for Manchester. “We often closed our eyes and thought about when he was going to become famous and where he would end up with his talent. Manchester United was one of the teams that he dreamt about,” said one of his best hometown teenage friends Barbara Astorga. And there he is, full of fame but even more of talent and hard work!

Can you recognize the role of our company in this kind of footballers transformation from a child with a ball on the street of a small town in Chile to the highest paid player in Premier League?

SportyCo is here to remove this high entry barrier and consequently change financing, especially for young athletes by deploying a blockchaín-based financing platform. Alexis’s expenses on his way towards Europe were almost unreachable by his family and he was sometimes not far away from leaving the world of professional football. What a pity that would be.

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