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Her tennis career is too expensive for us

One of the most visited sports forums in the US recently published a story of the ‘tennis aunt’. Her thoughts more or less concern about costs for a young tennis player, are fully entitled. Here’s what she says.

Hello Tennis Experts!

I have a niece that is 14, she has been playing tennis for several years now and really seems to enjoy herself. She has been heavily involved a lot in tennis camps and tournaments for several years now. But recently in a conversation with her mother (my sister), she said it is time to cut their losses and will be pulling her out of competitive tennis this year. I have to admit I was a little surprised. When asked why because she always seemed to really be having a good time and seemed to be driven; she said it was costing too much money, time and overall effort for something that has turned into a recreational hobby.
I didn’t pursue the issue too much afterward as I’m no expert, but it’s really bothered me as I’d always thought her path was to a university tennis team. Unsure if this was possible but she has talked about this often. Stopping mid-way through a sport just didn’t seem right (to me); considering all the time, effort and expenses already utilized.
Later our mother informed me they had already spent about >$50,000 on training, tournaments, leagues, and camps since she was 8 years old! And they just didn’t want to spend another $50k for the next 4-5 years. She’ll still play tennis, but just on the local school team with no more camps, tournaments, clinics, etc.

I have to admit, I only played for about 7 years in junior and high school and only went to a few camps, so the expense never seemed to be a problem. But, I never thought that tennis in these development years cost so much!

Anyway, my question is, is this a realistic cost for junior development (as my sister is saying)? $5k-$7k per year from (roughly 8-10 years)? Or do kids develop in the schools teams (as I did)? Thanks.

SportyCo cannot promise directly for her niece that will support her, but in any case is this example typical for our unique platform for collaboration and contribution towards increasing sporting activities for young tennis players.

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