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SportyCo hosting the Premier World Sports BIockchain Summit

World Sports BIockchain Summit is the largest live online event for crypto investors, athletes, and sports enthusiasts. It’s focused, practical, and totally free.

The world of sports is transitioning into a new era. At SportyCo, we believe that the blockchain technology will revolutionize how sports financing works, and we plan to be at the forefront of this revolution. We also believe that knowledge sharing is essential for any functioning community. Therefore, we are proud to organize and host the premier World Sports BIockchain Summit on May 10, an online conference, free for all listeners and available to anyone with internet access.

This is the first summit dedicated exclusively to sports and bIockchain. You will be able to join the discussion with our speakers and network with thousands of other participants in the virtual lobby. All that without having to leave your home or breaking the bank.

Some of the questions we will answer at the summit:

  • Why is bIockchain the next big opportunity for the sports industry?
  • How will bIockchain enable investing in athletes and clubs?
  • What are the legal constraints of using bIockchain technology in sports?
  • How do athletes already benefit from using bIockchain in their professional career?
  • … and a lot more.

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Who are the speakers?

We have invited several prominent names to participate at the World Sports BIockchain Summit. Some of them you might already know as SportyCo supporters and ambassadors, but many more experts from the crossroads of blockchain and sports will also participate.

Kevin Harrington is the creator of the infomercial, making phrases like “As seen on TV” and “Wait, there’s more!” part of the cultural landscape. He is also a co-founding board member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization and one of the original “sharks” on the TV show Shark Tank, and, of course, a SportyCo co-owner and advisor.

Charlie Shrem is one of the most well-known names in the crypto community, and he frequently advises and supports new and interesting projects. He is a founding board member of the Bitcoin Foundation, the director of business and community development at Jaxx, and a SportyCo advisor from the beginning.

Phillip Nunn is the CEO of The Blackmore Group and well known blockchain evangelist and public speaker. With more than 15 years’ experience in financial services, Phillip specialises in wealth management, angel investment, commercial property investment and financial technology. He joined the SportyCo advisory board in February.

Robby Schwertner, or CryptoRobby, as most of you know him, is one of the most known bloggers and influencers in the community. He is a co-founder and advisor of ICOs and crypto startups in fintech, real estates, energy, artificial intelligence, social media applications and charity. He is a SportyCo advisor.

Diego Berchtold works and lives at the crossroads of crypto and sports. He is the founder of Crypto Currency Consulting Ltd., a Switzerland-based consultancy, and also a professional football player at FC Lausanne-Sport, playing in the Swiss Super League, the top tier football league in Switzerland.

Marko Filej is the Co-founder & CEO at SportyCo, hosting the First World Sports BIockchain Summit. Marko has an extensive background in building online sports platforms and bringing them to the masses. Read more on his vision for SportyCo, the world’s first decentralized sports investment ecosystem.

Andrés Tortarolo Fragola has over 20 years of experience helping sports and entertainment brands and properties achieve their goals. He is the managing director of TLC Sports, a subsidiary of TLC Marketing Worldwide, bringing its offer of expertise to sports marketing including new rewards and sponsorships.

Sener Korkusuz is CEO and Co-Founder of American 7s Football League. The A7FL is disrupting the sport of American football with its format of 7 on 7, no helmets, no pads, full contact, tackle football. The gameplay is being studied in a joint program with the support of the New Jersey Institute of Technology and Athlete Intelligence.

We will update this list regularly with new speakers, so you can expect an all-star cast on the WSBS virtual stage on May 10!

Register to Summit Now! It’s free.

To join WSBS just enter your email and name in the form below or  register at the WSBS website – registration is free of charge! On May 10 you will be able to follow the Summit on the site via a live stream and participate in discussions with the speakers.

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