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New campaign on the SportyCo platform: meet Niki Lehikoinen

Our platform is live, ready to use, and now it got even better. We are presenting Niki, a prospective young ski cross racer, ready to kick-off his professional career with the help of blockchain technology.

Niki Lehikoinen is a 21-year-old ski cross racer from Finland, competing for Switzerland, that soon realized traditional skiing lacks that “extra spice” to fully fulfill his adrenalin needs. While starting to compete in alpine skiing at 11 he was already one of the top 10 skiers in Finland in his age category and managed to obtain a 4th best result in giant slalom U16 at Swiss championship 2011, after moving to Switzerland. He got in touch with ski cross soon after and managed to win First Youth Olympic Games the next year. It was “love at first jump”, so he decided to focus on that and managed to obtain several outstanding results, like 2nd and 4th place in FIS Europa Cup, 7th FIS Junior World Championships, and more.

Ski cross racing is a fairly new freestyle sporting discipline, being in the Olympics since 2010, where skiers race 4 by 4 at speeds up to 90 km/h down a slope with turns and jump up to 50 m long. It’s already known as one of the most spectacular sports in the Olympics and it demands exceptional physical and mental shape to prevent possible injuries and therefore lots of quality training that are quite expensive. Last season Niki suffered a knee injury in a European Cup race in Germany, so he couldn’t compete after that, but now he has fully recovered and is ready for action. His plan is to add more training days to get back in top shape and accomplish his goal to bring home another Olympic medal from 2022 Olympics in China.

Niki believes ski cross can become one of the most popular winter and extreme sports in the world, since it has a perfect format for broadcast media, especially internet and television. Since 2017/18 season all Europa Cup races have rewards ranging from $3.000 – $12.000 per race, and with growing the popularity it has a chance to attract bigger sponsors, more spectacular races and therefore more funding for prize money and sponsorships. With the appropriate support he could focus 100% on his goals and sporting career, so he is raising funds in return of 20% from prizes and sponsorship deals in next 4 years.

Be a part of Niki’s successful story and join his campaign on the SportyCo platform. We just might have the next Olympic winner here, waiting to conquer the world.