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Help us make SportyCo better

At SportyCo we are aware that community is very important and can contribute a lot to a mutual success of SportyCo. So we kindly invite you to become a part of our story.


The most important thing is feedback from the community. We encourage you to do a comprehensive test of the website ( and tell us what you think overall. Report all bugs, anomalies, mistakes so we can fix them as soon as possible. You can also make suggestions on what we could improve, what we should add, what do you think is missing etc. since this will improve the user experience for you and future users of the SportyCo platform.

All feedback on blogs and other activities are also appreciated. We’ll do our best to listen to all of your suggestions and implement them as soon as possible.


If you are an athlete or you know someone (athlete, club or other sport organisation) who might be suitable for campaign on the SportyCo platform you can fill in this application form (you have to be registered and logged-in on the website to see this) or contact us on [email protected] (include as much info as possible). Please put some thought into how a campaign would look before inquiry as this makes things a lot easier in the future set-up of a campaign. We already prepared for you some tips.

Currently, we are adding new campaigns slowly, because we have to make a comprehensive background check of all participants in order to minimize scam attempts.


Community represents a big role in marketing and can help us reach bigger exposure of SportyCo.

We are present on:

and you can chat with us on Telegram:

So make sure you follow us on as many channels as possible.

By engaging, you help us reach more people even if you think you’re not helping – YOU ARE! Like, comment, upvote, retweet, share our posts. You can also share all posts from other media in Telegram group, so people will see it.


– You can comment SportyCo posts or write your own posts about SportyCo and mention influential people or companies which may catch their attention and maybe they will check us out.

– You can mention @sportyco_io in tweets which may be interesting for us. Stories about athletes, articles in which SportyCo is mentioned, lists of interesting projects etc.


– Comment in our Bitcointalk announcement thread
Every time someone comment, the topic goes on top and this brings more exposure. You can also post latest updates from SportyCo (blogs, new campaigns…) Don’t spam! If you don’t have any constructive comments just don’t post anything.

– You can also comment on other SportyCo related topics or even start your own (make sure you follow Bitcointalk forum rules). Here is one example SPF speculation thread.

– You can wear SportyCo signature, avatar, and personal text. More info here.


– You can comment on different videos related to cryptocurrencies/ blockchain this way people may check it. It can also bring attention to content makers on YouTube and they may record review of SportyCo.

– If you are content maker you can record a video about SportyCo. If you will need any help we will be happy to help you.


– Set “See first” on SportyCo Facebook page to make sure you won’t miss any important announcement. See how.

– You can present SportyCo in different Facebook groups. You can write your own post or mention SportyCo in existing ones.


– You can share SportyCo posts from other social media – Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Bitcointalk…

– You can post different links connected to SportyCo and that might be interesting for people in the group. For instance, articles where SportyCo is mentioned, articles about young athletes, blockchain/ ethereum/ERC20 token related things, warnings related to Ethereum network…

– Just say hi when someone new comes to the group. 🙂

– Please avoid SPF token price related discussion as it doesn’t contribute to the platform in any way, you can speculate on price in an unofficial topic on Bitcointalk here.


– write posts in our subreddit
You can post an article which may be interesting, an opinion on something related to SportyCo, an issue with website, suggestions…

– make and comment posts about SportyCo on other subreddits
Write your opinion about SportyCo and ask others what they think. Don’t just shill without any proper explanation.