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Top 10 richest sporting events in the world

No wonder football (soccer) players are one of the richest athletes on EarthThe top 10 is dominated by football events, but that’s not such a surprise since football is, by all means, the king of sports, being watched and played by millions of people worldwide. And comparing the list from the last couple of years positions haven’t really changed. There is a slight variation in prize money tho’ – football events are adding few millions every year.

We checked several sources and conducted a list of highest-paid sporting events in 2017/18 based on prize money for single event or tournament that is paid to winners. This is not a list of total prize money intended for events or any season-long competitions, as in this case, the list would be slightly different.   

UEFA Champions League, €57.2 million

Being the most prestigious club football event in the world they also pay like it. UEFA announced that the prize money pool for 2017/18 Champions League will be at around €1.3 billion. Teams are paid for qualifying for the Champions League, a game they manage to win during the contest and for the size of their market. In the Final of 2017 Champions League Real Madrid beat Juventus and maintain the title, but Juventus still beat them in collecting a bigger piece of total prize money in the end. Real Madrid pocketed €54.2 million in performance-based money and additional €35.3 million in the market pool, while Juventus earned €51.1 million based on performance and extra €50.6 million in the market pool.

UEFA European Championship, €34 million

UEFA EURO 2020 will give record prize money so far. National teams will share a total of €371 million compared to €301 million distributed at UEFA EURO 2016. In case champions win all three of their group matches they could, therefore, earn €34 million, while in 2016 the maximum was €27 million. In the final of 2016, Portugal defeated France and they collected €25.5 million while runners-up got €23.5 million.

FIFA World Cup, €31 million

The most prestigious football tournament in the world doesn’t offer the most prize money to its winner but still, the booty isn’t bad at all. 2018 FIFA World Cup prize money pool will be of €662.6 million, where €325 million will be purely awarded to 32 national federations according to how they finish in the event.

World Series, €22,93 million

Series of Major League Baseball, the World Series, is more than 100 years old. The winning team of 2017, Houston Astros, earned $28 million prize money, while each player of the team obtained about $550.000.

Super Bowl, €16,35 million

National Football League (NLF) disclose a slight increase in Super Bowl 2018 player bonuses. Each of squad members of the winners’ team got $112,000 while losing team squad members got $56,000 each. Overall bonus money this year for winners Philadelphia Eagles was, therefore, $191,000 per player, which is perhaps a bit surprising, giving the massive commercial success and global audience of the event, but one still can’t complain.

UEFA Europa League, €13 – €15,71 million

Once known as “the UEFA Cup” this tournament is known to be the second most respected club tournament in the world, right after the Champions League. For current season UEFA announced that total prize money to be distributed among the clubs will be €399.8 million. Winners can, therefore, earn between €13 to €15.71 million, depending on their performance, and on the top of that, they can pocket extra €10 to €30 million on market pool. Last year’s winners Manchester United earned €44.5 million, mostly down to immense TV money assigned to premier league teams.

World Series of Poker, up to €8,19 million

World Series of Poker is held nowhere else than in Las Vegas and this year it’s going to be performed in its 49th annual edition. Total prize can be up to 10 million U.S. dollars, last year’s winner Scott Blumstein, for example, took home $8.15 million for his victory in the main event.

FedEx Cup, €8,19 million

FedEx Cup is definitely the richest game in golf and was firstly awarded in 2007. The four-event PGA Tour comprise The Barclays and ends with the Tour Championship. There are 125 players starting on the Tour qualify and then the field is diminished down to 30 players. The winner of FedEx Cup is the one, who acquire the most points during the four-tournament stretch and the prize is nothing less than $10 million.

Dubai World Cup, €8,19 million

The world’s richest horse race takes place in Dubai and was firstly created in 1996 by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Ruler of the Emirate of Dubai. The main event is worth 10 million U.S. dollars and this year there is a total prize pot of $30 million across nine top-class group races through the day. But that’s not all for the competitors – one can get a chance to win a prize even being selected as the best-dressed woman, man, couple and even wearing the most creative hat in the crowd.

FIFA Club World Cup, €4,09 million

FIFA Club World Cup is a yearly event where 7 teams from 6 confederations take part of. UEFA Champions League and Copa Libertadores winners directly qualify for the semi-finals. Prize money of about €20 million is distributed among all competing clubs according to their final position.

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