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How much prize money there is in different sports?

There is a continuous question on how much money athletes make participating in different sports, especially when deciding whether to invest in athletes on our platform, for example. Sports is particularly attractive to sponsors for brand exposure and it’s no surprise that a high percentage of an athlete’s salary comes from it, but that’s far from being the only source of income. Prize money is equally important, and not just in football, basketball, tennis or other commercially most attractive sporting categories, but also climbing, swimming, sailing, athletics and so on.

BBC Sport conducted a broad survey contacting governing bodies of 68 sports of which 55 provided information on how much prize money there is involved in different sports competitions held on a world level. They found that there are 44 sports that include money rewards and 35 pay equal amounts to men and women. The highest prize money is in football, with £35 million for FIFA World Cup, and £38 million for Premier League / Football Association Women’s Super League (FA WSL). Following next is cricket, with £3.1 million for ICC men WC, then tennis with £2.71 million for US Open, and golf for The US Open with £1.8 million (men). On the other side, there is Track cycling WC with £546, swimming FINA WC series with £1,162 for a stage win, and archery WC organized by World Archery with £1,500 for a stage win.

You can find the full study with prize amounts in sports here.