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Meet the team: Who’s the guy managing SportyCo community?

All of you who are actively involved in our Telegram group, Bitcointalk, and Reddit, probably know that there is mainly one guy who moderates the posts, engages with you on a regular basis, and answers all of your questions ASAP no matter when they arise. That’s right, his name is Jaka Kovič, he is our Community Manager, and he is a busy bee always trying to figure out how to make things better and more approachable for you, dear community, on a daily basis.

Jaka is the youngest member of our crew, and maybe that’s why he has so much energy to make it all happen the way he does. But enough talking from us, let’s leave some room so he can present himself a bit as well, shall we?

SportyCo: Tell us 5 things we don’t know about you.


  1.     I was studying material science. I just need to finish my bachelor’s degree.
  2.     I am currently preparing for my first 42 km marathon in October (because a bet we made with my friends 🙂 )
  3.     My father owns a restaurant and I’ve helped there as a kid.
  4.     I was on Triglav (highest mountain in Slovenia – 2864m) when I was 10 years old with my grandfather.
  5.     Because I started exploring cryptocurrencies my life and way of thinking has changed a lot. And I am very grateful for this.

SportyCo: Favourite sport and why?

Jaka: My favourite sport is football because it has been the closest sport to me my whole life. I was even training it for few years, I think it was from age 10 to 14. Now we get together with friends sometimes and play it for fun. We even went to few local tournaments in past. I also like many other sports like basketball, floorball, cycling, volleyball.

SportyCo: Tell us your story on how you came to be a part of SportyCo.

Jaka: I saw a post on Facebook that SportyCo (SportyFi at that time) is looking for a community manager. I checked the whole thing and as soon as I read the whitepaper I thought that this is very interesting and promising project so I decided I will reach out to them. I knew a lot about Bitcointalk forum and how to make bounties there. I thought it would be interesting for SportyCo to make some advertising on Bitcointalk. I prepared a plan and presented it at the meeting with the team. They liked it and that’s how our cooperation started.

SportyCo: Create a sentence using this words: sport, SportyCo, star, pizza, boat, fire.

Jaka: SportyCo is a sport-related project that can help athletes who don’t eat too much pizza to become a star, so they will be able to buy a boat which we hope would never catch on fire.

SportyCo: If you could attend only one sporting event in your life, which would it be?

Jaka: I would choose a UEFA champions league final since I believe this is one of the biggest sports events in the world.