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SportyCo goes to China

The Chinese-speaking crypto market is one of the most important one – and while we at SportyCo have always catered to Chinese fans, we have decided to make more decisive steps into establishing us in East Asia.

SportyCo is a global product, so our language of communication has always been English. But we cannot ignore the fact that there’s a large group of crypto and sports fans out there who don’t speak English. We have already announced that we are teaming up with a partner for promoting SportyCo in East Asia, and the first step of these activities are being published as we speak: a Chinese translation of the SportyCo Website and the SportyCo Whitepaper.

We encourage all Chinese-speaking members of our community to share the links to both amongst their friends, in Chinese social media and on all other relevant channels. If you find a mistake or mistranslation, don’t hesitate to notify us so we can correct it.

What about the “News” section? We produce an insane amount of content – and we’re proud of it. Currently we don’t think it’s the best use of our resources to translate every piece of text we produced in the last months. We have, however, set up an automated solution powered by Google translate: just scroll to the bottom of each article and pick the language of your choosing (works for all supported languages, not just Chinese).

In the following weeks we will step up our activities in the Chinese market, with a PR push, endorsers and other activities promoting SportyCo to the East Asia crypto and sports community.