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How to get bonus points for SportyCo World Cup Game?

World Cup 2018 is live and kicking, and so is SportyCo World Cup Game, where predicting every day’s match results can bring you awesome rewards – including SPF tokens! Some of you are already doing amazing, but as we still get a lot of questions about bonus points and bonus codes, especially from those who joined the game after June 13th, we decided to explain this in more details.

As you all know you get points from match prediction, but there are also bonus points from friend invites and bonus codes, that you can find on our social channels. Now let’s elaborate that a bit further, so you can all get an idea of what that actually means.  


You get 20 bonus points for each friend that joins the game via your personal invite link you share on multiple channels (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, email). You can get maximum of 500 bonus points from friend invites, which equals to 25 joined friends.

Note: Don’t try to fool us with fake accounts, cause we’re checking them regularly. Please carefully read our rules and try to respect them. We’ll really appreciate that.


We are sharing bonus codes that give you bonus points (BONUSPOINTS 😉 ) on following channels:






      SportyCo Platform:

Bonus codes are shared randomly and regularly on channels above, and there are different ways to get them. That means we are doing different challenges and task you have to complete to get the code, such as quizzes, pools, questions, stories, etc. Sometimes we are also just publishing codes in posts, so all you have to do is copy & paste. 😉

Codes are time-limited and have a different amount of points, depending on the task and, well, our mood. 🙂 Also, there are onetime codes, that only one person can use, and regular codes, that everyone can use.

To get bonus codes, basically, all you have to do is to follow mention channels and regularly check them. We are posting codes almost every day, so do pay attention! Newsletters are sent every Tuesday, and we advise you to set “See first” in your newsfeed on Facebook, so you won’t miss any of our posts we do there.

Now let’s do some math for the conclusion, for all of you who joined the game recently and missed match predictions until today. Here are few encouraging facts:

      By only predicting the scores of the matches from today on you can collect 500 points (10 points per prediction and still 50 matches until the end of the World Cup 2018).

      Points for exact or correct prediction are doubling in each round. In finals, the exact prediction will give you 1000 points!!! Please check “Help” section in the game menu for more info.

      We will share bonus codes frequently. There are 25 days until the end of the World Cup and at least 15 bonus codes that can bring you at least 500 bonus points.

      Invite friends! You can collect up to 500 points with invitees, as we already mentioned above.

Rough calculations show that all players still have a chance to win the game. Of course, you’ll need a little luck at predicting and constantly follow SportyCo social media.

If you still don’t manage to reach to the top of the leaderboard, you still have a chance to be chosen in a draw. Seven lucky winners will receive 400 SPF and you can be one of them!

So yes, you are “in the game” until the end. Wish you all good luck at predicting exact scores and join the game if you haven’t yet! Together we can make this championship even more memorable. 😉  

P.S.: We hide a bonus code for 30 points in this text. 🙂

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