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SportyCo World Cup Game follow up

We are almost halfway through the World Cup 2018 and same goes for SportyCo World Cup Game, where every day’s match predictions can bring you awesome prizes! The battle for first three places is full of suspense, and some of you already managed to collect quite a few points from everything the game offers. But there can still be some vigorous turning points from now on, especially if you are good at predicting the outcome. Points for exact or correct prediction are in fact doubling in each round, which is a good news also for newbies!


We made a thorough explanation on how to get bonus points from friend invites and bonus codes in our previous blog post. Don’t mind to review it carefully, since there are some important tips on how to get your score significantly higher! Now let’s move forward and focus on points from sole score prediction.

Just setting a score gives you 10 points per match, which means that you can earn 280 points just from that from now on. You also get a different number of points for exact and correct prediction in each following round of the World Cup 2018, according to the table below.   

We are currently in the last round of Group Round, out of which you can still earn 1200 points if you get all matches right (12 matches left, each exact prediction brings 100 points). In progressing the championship, there are 1600 points in Round of 16 for exact predictions, 1200 points in Quarterfinals, 800 points in Semifinals, and 1000 if you get the Finals right!!!

As you can see, there are still plenty of chances to swish to the top, especially if you continue to catch bonus points besides lucky predictions. So don’t give up, continue playing, and join now if you haven’t yet! If you still don’t manage to reach to the top, you still have a chance to be chosen in a draw. Seven lucky winners will receive 400 SPF and you can be one of them!


We added some cool features since the beginning of the game, and one of them is statistics. You can now track how many of you predicted exact and correct scores, and how many of you selected Home team, Guest team, and No winner for the outcome.

The game with most exact predictions so far was Brazil vs Costa Rica with 34,19 %, and the one with least exact was Germany vs Mexico, where none of you predicted exact outcome and just 3 predicted correct one.

And now is time for a new bonus code for 20 points: INVESTINATHLETES. It lasts 24h. Good luck to y’all! 😉

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