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SportyCo World Cup Game interesting facts

FIFA World Cup 2018 is halfway through, teams are now selected for the Round of 16 which starts tomorrow, and we were curious to know more about who are the biggest supporters of their teams at SportyCo World Cup Game at this point. Here’s what we found out.


Football is known to be considered more as a “man’s sport”, and statistic here shows no exception. 84,5% of supporters are in fact male and just 8,8% are female.

Above you can see gender according to age groups, which shows that the most of our game players are 25-34 years old (35%). Following are those of 18-24 years (26%), and those of 35-44 years (19%).


Now that was quite an interesting discovery. Statistics above show top 10 countries enrolled in our game, and we found that Japan is the biggest supporter of their team with 7,21%! Following are Mexico, South Korea, Serbia, France, and others according to the table. Surprised? 🙂

There’s still time to support your team, points from predictions are now doubling in each round, and you can still collect multiple bonus points, from friend invites and bonus codes shared on social media.

Join the game if you haven’t yet, continue playing if you did, and invite more friends so you can support your team together! Prizes, in the end, are awesome. 😉

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