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SportyCo World Cup Game aftermath (in numbers)

World Cup 2018 has ended and most probably agree that this 31 days of excitement was far from predictable.  And since the end of the championship means also the end our World Cup Game, we looked at some final numbers and here is what we found out.

60,4% of you predicted that France will win the finals, but none predicted the exact score. In our Facebook pool, however, Croatia was a favourite with 56%.

France was the favourite in every World Cup match they played, with more than 60% of votes every time. The highest number of votes, for the total of 97,5%, was for the match France vs Australia.

Besides the last game in finals, Croatia was not a favourite also in the match against Argentina and England. Only 21,6% predicted that Croatia will win against Argentina and only 1 predicted the exact score, which was 0:3 for Croatia. When playing with England, there were 39,7% of those who predicted Croatia as winners, and 24,1% of scores was exact with 2:1 for Croatia.

12,9% of those who participated in our quiz predicted correctly that France, Croatia, Belgium and England will go to semifinals, and 39,9% predicted that France will win in the end, before the semifinals started. For 29,4 % final favourite was Belgium, 18,3% England, and 12,4% Croatia.

The most predictable match was Germany vs Sweden with 29,2% of exact predictions and the last predictable was Germany vs Mexico, with only 0,98% of correct and none exact prediction – Mexico won 0:1.

75,5% of World Cup Game players were male, and 11,2% female, which means we gathered some more female fans since we did our first statistics. 33% of participants are 24-34 years old, 22% 18-24, and 20% 35-44.

Serbia reinforced the support in the game beating Japan in a higher rank of participants according to the country. There were 8,48% Serbian, 7,13% Japanese, and 5,59% Mexican, looking at top 3 in the end.

That’s that! Thank you all for participating in our game, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, and stay tuned! We might prepare some new interactive games like this in the short future. 😉

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