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SportyCo platform update – status report and plan

Hi, SportyCo community. Summer is in full swing, but that doesn’t mean we are sitting idly. We are gearing up for a very eventful autumn, so we have some busy months behind and, of course, ahead of us.

We have given you an update on the general plans we have with the platform upgrade in our last status blogpost, and, of course, the time during the Football World Cup was dedicated to our World Cup Game, which has attracted a big following. But we want to go into more details on what we are actually doing at the moment, so we’ve prepared a month-by-month overview for both the work done as well as what will happen in the near future.

We’ve already told you we are working on making investment easier for people not familiar with crypto, but that requires a partial rethink of how the platform works – which is not a simple task. So let’s dig into the development calendar!


In June we have started working on rethinking the user flow, which will bring us to an updated frontend design and better user experience of our platform. As we will have less experienced people participating, we have to simplify both the onboarding and investment flow. We’re working with an experienced UX team on this, to ensure the best possible result. We are also working on user wallets, so you will be able to deposit funds in a wallet on our platform.


We are currently working on wrapping up the user flow and design changes on our test platform. When this is finished our development team will connect the new frontend to the backend of our platform, which means we have to upgrade our backend to support the new features. Then we can start testing it in a simulated real-world environment.


We will work on integrating an external payment processor to the platform – which will enable people to participate on the platform with fiat. Any fiat contribution will be automatically converted to crypto by this provider, so all transactions on the platform will still be written into the smart contract and on the blockchain. We therefore have to update and rewrite the smart contracts, so the whole process of participating on the platform will work as seamless as possible.


This is the month when all these changes will start becoming visible on the outside. We will test the integration of the payment processor – this is a step that will require a lot of diligence, as we must make the bridge between fiat and crypto bulletproof. We will wrap up the work on upgrading all backend processes and add the first test campaigns on the new platform. Then… the beta of SportyCo platform version 2.0 becomes live and available to all!


When we are satisfied that everything works great with the first test campaigns, we will start working on integrating the features that makes setting up campaigns easier by redesigning the campaign pages.  We will also add the option to withdraw funds from user wallets on the platform to their private wallets.


November is the month when we add the option to claim dividends to the user balance – with the first successful campaigns starting to pay back to their contributors, we must have everything in place for our users to actually benefit from their contribution. We will also prepare an overview of each user’s investment portfolio, so everyone can have a report on how they are doing.

We will keep you up to date with any changes in this schedule – we will always prefer more diligent testing to releasing a buggy platform too soon.

Next week we will follow up this post with an overview of how the ecosystem will work from a user perspective and go into more detail on the transaction flow, so stay tuned.

For any additional questions or comments please join our Telegram channel. Our team there is available almost 24/7 to answer any questions you might have.