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Golf is pricing itself out of interest by younger athletes

Golf is a sport that can be played for almost an entire lifetime, but like other sports, the best time to start is at a young age, especially if you are looking to play it professionally. But here is a problem. Kids can go almost anywhere to play football or basketball, but there are only so many fields to play golf. And when they play it, they need several different clubs and equipment, which means quite a lot of money, that not every athlete has.

Some local high school coaches are concerned that the golf is pricing itself out of interest. Brad Horgos, Shippensburg head golf coach said, that “it costs too much money, and kids get interested in other sports. They may pick it up later as a pastime after college but by then it’s too late [for competitive play].”

Horges explained that all the players he gets at Shippensburg, never play in a competitive environment, but only occasionally with their parents. And one of the reasons for that is high costs. “We’re not talking about stuff you might pick up at a yard sale,” Horgos said. “You go to Dick’s Sporting Goods and a starter set [of clubs] is $100 minimum. To get the golf balls, there is another $20 or $30. … When they get up to 10, 11, 12 years old, going into middle school and high school, they need more clubs and that price goes up.”

To play golf competitively, athletes and their family face also quite pricey lessons, and if the golf courses are too far, one has to add also the expenses of travelling. Plus, there are extra costs everywhere. Even parents who play golf have problems exposing their children to the game since it would cost them at least $20 extra.

Hempfield head coach John Chronister said that this prices could be keeping other athletes in the area away from the sport. “I’m sure there are some people who, if given the opportunity, would be hooked if given the chance. Golf is like that. Some people get hooked after one or two tries.”

It is crucial for high school golf teams to have the equipment and experience in advance, especially in Pennsylvania, since there are only four days between the first day of practice and the first matches of the season. “We don’t have the ability to teach the players how to play golf,” Chronister said. “We can tweak some things, show them how to approach certain holes and certain shots.”

At SportyCo we can’t change the prices of sports, but we sure can make it a lot easier for young talents to get involved and reach their goals. Every promising athlete deserves the opportunity to pursue their professional career, and with our blockchain-based crowdfunding platform, this will be possible.

Source: Penn Live

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