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Most frequent current questions answered

We are working hard to make the SportyCo business model work, as you can tell by several updates we shared with you in the past months. However, we still get a lot of questions regarding that on different channels, so we decided to collect and answer some of the most common ones – once and for all. 🙂

What is going on with the SportyCo platform, why there are no active campaigns?

Our platform and the first campaign were live only a couple of months after the end of the token crowdsale, but the acceptance of campaigns was not on the level we expected. The first reason we identified is that current SPF holders are mostly just interested in rising of the token price on exchanges, and second, the majority of people who are interested in investing in campaigns are not crypto-savvy. So we decided to upgrade our platform to make it easier for first-time investors to participate, which means we are integrating a payment process with fiat.  

When are you putting out new campaigns on the platform?

It’s pointless to add new campaigns to the current ecosystem and let them fail before we have the necessary infrastructure enabling us to recruit a wider audience to our platform. The upgrade is the key here, but you have to understand it is not a simple task and it takes some time, since all investments and potential returns are smart-contract based, and we have to put in several safeguards. However, if everything goes according to plans, we will be able to test the beta of SportyCo platform version 2.0 in late September.

Why is the price of the token falling?

It perhaps sounds dismissive, but this is really not a question for the team since we don’t control the price of token directly, as it depends on several external factors. One of the most obvious reasons is that the whole crypto market is currently down – with more people exiting crypto than joining it.

What are you doing to stop the fall of the token price?

We are working on a long-term demand of token, which will come with the development and usage of the platform. Only a working business model and a functional platform can bring more people to the project, and the real demand for SPFs, not just speculative ones.

What are you doing to enhance SportyCo recognition?

We managed to acquire quite a large audience with our World Cup game. Now we are preparing a marketing push in China, and again, updating the platform to make it easier to invest for people who are not familiar with crypto. We are also working on some other projects, but can’t reveal any details yet, as the negotiations are still ongoing.

What is your marketing plan?

Our ongoing plan is written in the previous answer. However, when we have the necessary infrastructure in place to make contributions for less-crypto-savvy participants easier, we plan to go much wider in recruiting people to our platform – both by promoting SportyCo as well as enabling athletes and clubs participating to acquire more investors and supporters. We are also arranging to be present at several relevant events, to create some additional buzz around SportyCo.

Where is Marko?

Don’t worry, Marko is still on the SportyCo project and is working harder than ever. It’s not his job to engage with random questions on Telegram – especially as most of those questions have been answered several times already, some of them in this document. 😉

Why don’t ambassadors do anything to promote SportyCo?

Some ambassadors were signed up for a one-time promotion of SportyCo. Others are regularly pushing SportyCo on all channels. And also a lot of their work is happening behind the scenes – they use their connections to promote SportyCo in the sports industry, not just the general public – which is much more important than a tweet or two.

Are you working on new exchanges and/or partnerships?

Listings on new exchanges are not a priority now – we are already listed on several well-known ones, so we don’t think new ones are necessary until the platform is functional.  As for partnership, we are already cooperating with several sports talent agencies, and we are talking with several well-known sports celebrities to join us as ambassadors in the following months.

Have more questions? Please join our Telegram channel, where our team is available almost 24/7 to answer any questions you might have. And don’t forget to check our previous posts, some of which are linked above, as a lot of questions asked have already been answered.

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