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Blackbridge and SportyCo Announce Strategic Partnership

After months of cooperation, we are formally announcing a strategic partnership with Liverpool-based Blackbridge Cross Borders Ltd.

We have a new partner and are preparing a lot of exciting projects together! Blackbridge has extensive connections in the football world, and we worked together for the better half of the year now. We both believe that now is the time to officially announce a strategic partnership.

Blackbridge and SportyCo are combining their extensive knowledge of the sports industry and blockchain-based platforms into an innovative service which will disrupt the world of football club financing. With the cost of participating in the top tier of football, especially in Europe, steadily rising, football clubs are looking for new ways to enable them to compete with the top names in world football. The advent of blockchain-based financing provides an opportunity for clubs to engage both their local and global fanbase to raise funds. Blackbridge and SportyCo are uniquely positioned in this field, and by combining their experience in the industry they are providing football clubs with a one-stop solution for setting up an initial coin offering (ICO) to support their sporting goals.

Blackbridge was founded by Alexander Jarvis and is a leading investment firm specializing in football and sports based in the United Kingdom and People’s Republic of China. Alexander was the first entrepreneur to set up a football focused investment company to assist Chinese investors in acquiring European football clubs, sports conglomerates and football agencies. Blackbridge’s Sports clients span across Europe, most notably in the English Premier League and La Liga. Blackbridge has facilitated the acquisition of several football clubs.

Blackbridge have seen China’s reforms in the sports sector close up and played a huge part in building a market over the last 4 years. Chinese investors have invested in 37 soccer clubs globally to date. Blackbridge had the first movers’ advantage in 2014 and will now build on our successes in expanding into the crypto market with the support of SportyCo. Football club owners and fans are increasingly interested in the crypto market and blockchain innovations. Blackbridge’s East Asia clients are increasingly requesting sports deals and we have been under a lot of pressure to deliver these investment opportunities. Which is why we are both delighted in forming this exciting partnership.

In the following days it is expected that the first major deal will be announced with a Brazilian football club, with others to follow. As Marko has nicely put it in a sentence:

“Our goal is to make fan investment into football clubs as easy for our clients as buying merchandise. With a great partner, we are confident we can make that happen.”

For any additional questions, our team is available on our Telegram channel.

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