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Meet the team: Who’s behind SportyCo graphics?

Remember the time of our rebranding? We do like it was yesterday. Not just because of our new, now best-recognized name, but also because it came with a whole new makeover – from the website to the logo, our coin, and all the other bunch of stuff that naturally comes with it. We feel our current image, that definitely helped SportyCo to come where it is now, fits our mission perfectly, and it’s all thanks to one guy – our corporate designer, a graphic magician, Grega Likar.

Creativity usually doesn’t come on the command, but in Grega’s case, it looks like it sometimes does – if stuff needs to be done promptly, they usually are. And the best part is, they look on point! Does he read minds? We’ll never know. The point is, we are very happy to have him onboard, cause the job couldn’t be done better. Now let’s leave some room so he can say a few words about himself as well.  

SportyCo: Tell us 5 things we don’t know about you.


  1. Family comes first.
  2. I love nature!
  3. I enjoy being in crowds and lecture but I enjoy the company of myself the most. 😀
  4. I have a lot of tattoos, but I don’t generally like tattoos.
  5. I love good food and I eat a lot.

SportyCo: Favorite sport and why?

Grega: MTB – because it allows you to be in touch with nature – the bike is a medium to experience.

SportyCo: Tell us your story on how you came to be a part of SportyCo.

Grega: I was called by my friend and ex-coworker, co-owner Tomaž Čepon who asked me if I could be part of the team. The rest is history.

SportyCo: Create a sentence using this words: sport, SportyCo, star, pizza, boat, fire.

Grega: SportyCo creates sport stars, who also boat and eat fiery pizza.

SportyCo: If you could attend only one sporting event in your life, which would it be?

Grega: The Olympics.

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