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Making a splash in world media

The announcement of the Avaí FC Token Crowdsale has been covered all over the world. While we expected a big splash in Brazil, we were very nicely surprised by the attention out project got in other countries, including (but not only) the UK, US, France, Russia, Turkey, China, Korea, Japan, and the list goes on and on.

We’ve compiled a list (an ugly, but quite a comprehensive one) of all media clippings our robots could find. We haven’t included all the post in social media (there’s several hundreds of those), and reposts of our own content, like blog posts and Steemit articles.

Some of the articles might be miscategorized (there is over 150 links in the list, so there probably is a bug or two) and we are sure we missed at least half of them. We will try to update this list as time goes.

And for everyone that want more info: in the next two weeks we will prepare in-depth articles on how to participate in the presale, on the token economy of the AVAI Token and with some basic introduction into crypto for all Avaí FC fans and football fans in general who wish to participate and need more help with the world of cryptocurrencies.

So… let’s dig in!

In Portuguese/Brazilian:

In English:

In other languages:

If you have any questions don’t forget to check out the website of Avaí FC Token Crowdsale, and join the discussion on our Telegram channel.

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