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SportyCo Predict & Win Game: Champions League

The 64th season of Europe’s premier club football tournament starts today, and if you participated in our pool, you know what that means – time to play another predict & win game!

SportyCo World Cup game was so well received that we decided to reset the scores and start this “roller coaster” once again – this time by predicting match scores of UEFA Champions League 2018/19. So if you enjoyed our first game, but wasn’t lucky enough to have a piece of the reward, here is your chance to test your fortune teller skills once more.  Same goes for newbies and past winners, of course. Let’s make this glorious event even more memorable!

SportyCo Predict & Win Game is organized by SportyCo, involves predicting the outcome of Champions League 2018/19 matches from 18. 9. 2018 – 1. 6. 2019, and allows you to collect points, giving you once again the chance to win multiple prizes – including SportyCo tokens (SPF)!

Participation is free, rules are simple, and we have some good news for all of you who joined us on this adventure the first time – you already have 100 points to start with. The same amount is also received if you are new to the game and join till 25. 9. 2018, so hurry up! 


  1. Result prediction and points

You can predict results of daily football matches each day of the Champions League and earn points for setting the score and for predicting the exact or correct match score.

  • Exact prediction means you predicted the exact number of goals by each teams at the end of the match including overtime and penalty shots.
  • Correct prediction means you predicted the right winner or tie, but not the exact number of goals at the end of the match including overtime and penalty shots.

Distribution of points

Setting a score gives you 10 points per match. In each following round of the Champions League, you can get different number of points for exact and correct prediction according to the table below.

Predictions can be entered for matches playing the same day and can be changed anytime until 5 minutes prior to kick off of the match.

  1. Bonus points

You can receive bonus points by inviting your friends to join the game. Share your personal link you can find on your dashboard and get 20 bonus points for each new player joining the game via your personal link.

Follow SportyCo Social Media to get bonus code you then enter into blank space to receive bonus points. Value of bonus points will be determined before codes will be published. Bonus codes will be published randomly and will be valid for limited time and/or number of players (minimum one).


The first three participants who will collect the most points will be awarded prizes as follows: 1st place 4,000 SPF Tokens, 2nd place 2,500 SPF Tokens, 3rd place 1,500 SPF Tokens. We will award 7 additional prizes, each per 400 SPF Tokens, and those winners will be selected randomly (draw).

In case more than one participant has collected the same amount of points, the winner will be the one who registered his/her account first.

Join SportyCo Predict & Win Game here, and let’s get this party started once more!

For additional information check our Terms & Conditions, and come chat with us on Telegram.

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