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SPECIAL BONUS: AVAI Token presale mechanics on

When announcing the Avaí FC Token Crowdsale, we’ve also announced a special presale for all SPF Token holders.

Let’s dig a bit more into the details of the presale and special deal we have prepared for SPF Token holders.

The AVAI Token presale will be set up as a campaign on, and will run from September 29, 2018, 12:00 UTC till October 2, 2018, 12:00 UTC. Don’t forget to go through the KYC process on the platform in the week ahead (in fact you can already start your KYC process) – you won’t be able to participate if you’re not verified!

In the presale a total of up to 400,000 AVAI Tokens will be available, at the valuation of $1 US dollar per AVAI Token (same as in the token crowdsale starting on October 3, 12:00 UTC). This means we will be collecting $400,000 US dollars in SPF Tokens (which is at the time of writing this blog post approximately 30% of the SPF Token Market Cap). There will be no way to participate in the presale with other cryptocurrencies or fiat.

The exchange rate between the SPF Token and AVAI Token will be set 3 days before the start of the presale (on September 26, 2018, at 12:00 UTC) and will be calculated as follows:

  1. At the set date and time we will look at the average market price of 1 SPF Token on exchanges, while we will check the price officially published on
  2. This price will then be multiplied by at least a factor of two (2);
  3. The price with this bonus included will be the base price used to set the exchange rate against AVAI Token (which value is predetermined at USD 1).

To put it into (hypothetical) numbers: if the market price of 1 SPF Token (on September 26, 2018, at 12:00 UTC) will be $0.05, the price will be multiplied by at least a factor of two (2). Thereby we will get the base exchange price of USD 0.1, which will mean you will have to pay 10 SPF Tokens for 1 AVAI Token (or to put it into other words, you will in fact pay 0.5 USD (in SPF Tokens) to get 1 AVAI Token valued at USD 1. Therefore participants in the presale will get at least a 100% bonus.

The presale will end when all 400,000 AVAI Tokens are sold or the deadline of the presale ends – whichever comes first. Participants will receive their AVAI Tokens no later than at the end of the AVAI Token Crowdsale.

All SPF tokens collected in the AVAI Token presale will be burned after the successful completion of the AVAI Token Crowdsale. In the above hypothetical case 4,000,000 SPF Tokens would be burned (400,000 x 10 SPF Tokens).

If the AVAI Token Crowdsale does not reach the soft cap of at least 8,000,000 AVAI Tokens being sold, participants in the presale will receive their SPF Tokens back to their wallets and the AVAI Tokens will not be distributed.

Need more information? Join us on Telegram to discuss both SportyCo and the Avaí FC Token Crowdsale – and, of course, the presale.

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