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Our platform is coming along nicely – October 2018 update

The SportyCo platform is coming up for a major update – so what’s the status today?

Even though we have shared some exciting news with our community these last few weeks, we are also working hard on upgrading the SportyCo platform. We’ve shared our roadmap with you a couple of months ago and although we’re a bit behind schedule, a lot of work is done.

Most of the upgrades are focusing on the backend of the platform, where we have to make sure that the upgrades making investment easier still process correctly — making it easier for the user means the backend is much more complex.

What is done?

  • We’ve upgraded the platform to enable deposits on the platform without immediate investing — currently working for SPF and ETH.
  • We’ve completely rewritten the investment flow, which was necessary due to the major upgrade in how investing on the platform works – we could do it simple, but then the investments wouldn’t be written on the blockchain, defying our mission to make investing transparent.
  • We’ve updated the mechanism of tracking which users invested into whom and to whom potential returns should be sent to — we want this process to be as automatic as possible, so there’s no margin for error here.

What’s next?

  • Integrating these backend changes into the platform website — we already have the user flow setup, but it will still take some frontend development and design to put everything in its place.
  • Testing testing testing!

And then we’ll be near to setting up the first test campaigns, and checking if everything works – with our community’s help, of course.

For any additional questions or comments please join our Telegram channel. Our team there is available almost 24/7 to answer any questions you might have.

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