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Athletes, we want you!

Athlete, club or sports organization, struggling to finance your career? We just might help!

The SportyCo platform, that offers up and coming athletes, sports clubs and sports organizations a new channel for financing their costs in building a career in sports, is coming up for a major update, with a better and easier solution for investors, especially not-crypto-savvy ones. There is still some work to be done, but we’ve come a long way – it’s time now to prepare some brand new campaigns, to start this wheel turning! 

We’ve discussed the problems we encountered with the first version of the SportyCo platform – namely that most SPF Token holders are not interested in the platform itself, but rather in the token value on exchanges. We’ve also explained in details on what is the solution and how the update will be done, to make it easier to invest by those who are not holding SPF. So let’s now focus on the other side of this field, the most important one – on you, athletes and clubs, and on how to make the most from the campaigns we welcome you to have on our platform.

Investment campaigns

Investment campaigns are the heart of the SportyCo ecosystem. They allow athletes, clubs or sports organizations to collect funds in SPF tokens to use for a specific sporting goal. The project can be an athlete’s career, a club’s expansion plans or similar – you are free to decide on your investment goals, and also what purpose the invested funds are used for (costs of training or equipment, travel and accommodation costs to attend competitions, participation fees, etc).  

There is a specific rationale behind the investment module. When receiving a contribution from investment campaigns, you enter a legally binding agreement with your contributors promising them a return on their contribution – a share of future image rights, a share of future sponsorship proceeds, commercial rights relationships, or other athletes’ economic rights. Again, it is entirely up to you to choose what kind of rights to offer in exchange for the investment, however, proper structuring of the investment goals and adjustment of the offered rights will be crucial for a campaign to succeed.

All contributors participating in a campaign have to go through a KYC process. We will perform a very thorough background check before your campaign is approved for publishing, to weed out potential scammers.

How to prepare a successful campaign?

Unfortunately, not everyone is suitable to participate on the platform. We’ve shared with you a short checklist for a successful setup of your campaign before, but let’s make a quick recap of them once more.

A good investment campaign needs a project worth investing in. Think of how funds you’ll potentially receive can help you with your plans from a monetary perspective. The contributors are participating because they see a potential in you and want to support you, but they also expect a return on their contribution, with a profit.

Prepare different scenarios for what you plan to achieve with these funds and how your contributors will share in your success. We recommend to take into consideration at least three scenarios:

  • A realistic one, where you achieve most of the stated goals and your contributors can expect a healthy return;
  • An optimistic one, where you successfully reach for the stars and get the rewards accompanying it – with a healthy reward for contributors also;
  • A pessimistic one, where you fail to get to the point you planned, but still perform better due to the contribution, so at least a partial return can be expected.

Make a good overview of your existing and potential expenses, potential gains and sources of income (winnings, prizes, sponsorships, etc.), and make a detailed calculation on how using the funds received will help you raise the gains during your career.

Prepare great content for your campaign to stand out. A solid business plan is a foundation, but alone it’s not enough to convince your potential contributors. Prepare images and videos supporting your campaign, provide a well-written description of your achievements, plans and goals, and don’t forget to promote yourself on all of your channels. We’ll help and heavily support all participants, but most of the work must still be done by you.

Let’s do this!

If you think we can help you on the way to reach your sporting potential, and see a fit to have a campaign on our platform, please fill in the application form or contact us by [email protected] Don’t miss the opportunity to be one of the first participating in the sports financing revolution!

For any additional questions please join our Telegram channel, where our team is available almost 24/7.

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