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Avai Fc on its way to the Brasileiro Campeonato Série A

CAMPINAS, Brazil – last Saturday a battle between two rivals took place. Avaí Football club faced Guarani in their Estádio Brinco de Ouro. In this clash of the Brasileiro Campeonato série B titans, the winner would place itself in the top 4 of the B-league, also known as the promotion group.

During this exciting game, Avaí quickly set the norm after striker Getúlio scored the 0-1 in the 12th minute. Many minutes pass as Avaí’s passion flows over, leaving them with three yellow cards. Then, after 40 minutes of playing time Philipe Maia finds a way to even the score, scoring the 1-1 in the 41st minute of the game. Halftime passes as both clubs mentally prepare themselves for victory. Even though the majority of the possession belongs to Guarani, Avaí shows character and eagerness to win no matter what.

With this mentality, the second half of the game came to a start. Shortly after, in the 63rd minute, Avaí’s striker José Renato da Silva Júnior scores the 1-2 escorting Avaí towards the victory.  

With a total of 6 yellow cards, Avaí showed its teeth making sure that they will become a prominent member of the Brasileiro Campeonato Série A.

With the A Série insight together with a promising start of the crowdsale, Avaí gently pushes itself up the rankings. We can’t wait to see what the future will bring.

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