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Meet the team: Who’s the new SportyCo Community Manager for Telegram?

For those of you who are actively involved in the debate on our Telegram channel, this is not a new thing. In fact, we have a new guy chatting with you on a regular basis for months now, more accurately from June, when Jaka decided to step aside to finish his degree. His name is Sean, he is our new Community Manager, moderating not only Telegram but also Bitcointalk for AVAI Token and Steemit.

Sean does the job accurately and promptly, interacting and answering all kind of questions from you ASAP every day, so we decided it’s time to turn the table and ask him a few things, so you can all get to know him better.  

SportyCo: Tell us 5 things we don’t know about you.


  1. I live in Asia. I prefer warmer weather.
  2. I regularly enjoy playing futsal (5vs5) and tennis.
  3. I cannot resist pepperoni pizza and coconut ice cream.
  4. I have a stash of UK badminton trophies from my younger teens.
  5. I am still waiting for Alex Ferguson to return to Man Utd.

SportyCo: Favorite sport and why?

Sean: Football, it is just the best overall team game there is! Man Utd / Spurs fan.

SportyCo: Tell us your story on how you came to be a part of SportyCo.

Sean: I liked the SportyCo vision and was introduced by Jaka to the other team members, the rest is history!

SportyCo: Create a sentence using this words: sport, SportyCo, star, pizza, boat, fire.

Sean: SportyCo brings sport stars to the stage, now I’m off for a wood-fired pizza on my imaginary boat 😀

SportyCo: If you could attend only one sporting event in your life, which would it be?

Sean: Champions League final. It is the ultimate stage of European football.

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