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It’s been a year

On November 21, 2017, the SportyCo Token Crowdsale started. And the rest is, as they say, history.

Today, with the cryptocurrency market bleeding and all hodlers in a crunch, revisiting November 2017 seems very distant. The SportyCo project origins began in spring 2017, with the founders putting their ideas and knowledge together and searching for a killer app to revolutionize the sports industry. But November 21 was the date when an idea slowly started to become reality.

In the three weeks of the crowdsale we have achieved a lot: soft cap reached in less than 24 hours, over $5 million contributed, mostly by small investors, and a long list of supporters and endorsers from the sports industry, including legends of their respective sports, like Roberto Carlos, Ronaldinho, Noriaki Kasai, Sava Milošević, and many others.

We also got a lot of traction among prominent crypto enthusiasts and supporters – especially after the ICO, when the idea became a business and our potential advisors have seen that the model is sound. Charlie Shrem, Phillip Nunn, Robby Schwertner and Kevin Harrington — with Kevin becoming an integral part of the SportyCo family — are just some of the names supporting our project.

Where are we a year later? We’ve had a lot of ups, with the platform, released in March, being one of the first projects in the crypto world presenting a working product. There were also some (but not many) downs, some of our own making, and some related to the general bleeding of value in the crypto world, scaring away potential newcomers and making existing cryptocurrency enthusiasts, well, a bit less enthusiastic, harming the adoption of all crypto-related products and requiring a rewrite of the platform to make it much more user friendly.

They say a typical startup needs 3-5 years from initial concept to a working, viable business. We’re in this for the long haul, and our journey has just begun.

Happy anniversary to the whole SportyCo community and a special thank you to all supporting us from the beginning.

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