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More funding cuts in high-performance sports

High-performance sports in the Australian continent and its neighbouring country New Zealand are currently experiencing major fall-backs as high-performance sports are being cut from government funding.

Sports Australia is currently facing a new funding model in the run-up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games, within this funding model $ 1 million in total will be proportionally cut from some of the high-performance teams in 2019. Mark Arbib, president of Athletics Australia shared his opinion by stating that “the new funding system should be immediately suspended and reviewed after the Tokyo Games”. His concern for the athletes that are being affected by the taken decision shines through as he told The Australian (Australia’s national newspaper) that “to move ahead like this provides great uncertainty for Olympic sports and will threaten the preparation of our athletes”. Not being able to optimally prepare for the 2020 Olympic games can be career determining for some of the athletes.

In Sports New Zealand some athletes are experiencing a similar downfall. This time, high-performance tennis players take the blow, as tennis doesn’t fit NZ’s funding system. Tennis NZ CEO Julie Paterson responded to the 2019 situation with the following:

“I think we’ve presented a really good case around getting funding for our doubles players for the Olympics, with a campaign to support them through to the Olympics. When we look at the rankings of our doubles players and compare them to rankings of other doubles players, who will team up to play for their country, we are sitting eighth. So we’ve probably got the best case we’ve had for a long time to get support towards going to the Olympics.”

If NZ fails to allocate the required funds for tennis, a third-party funding opportunity seems to be the only way to realize an optimal training regime. As governments simply can’t provide the required funds for every high-performance environment, multiple high-performance athletes will experience financial pressure on coaching, programs, game analysis, competitions and rising costs. In this case, a campaign on SportyCo platform seems to be a perfect solution. As more funding cuts will be witnessed in 2019, the power of the community will become more demanded.

Sources: The Australian, SMH, The Guardian, The Australian


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