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Champions League Group Round aftermath

Three very exciting months of Europe’s premier club football are behind us. We watched 96 Champions League 2018/2019 matches and witnessed 275 goals, from which 32 were scored in first 15 minutes and 20 in the last 90+ for extra drama. All the teams are now known for the Round of 16 draw, that is going to take part on Monday 17 December, and we can’t wait till February to see more of what this year’s tournament will bring.  We bet you do too. 😉

The end of the Group Round means a short break also for the SportyCo Predict & Win game players, at least in match predictions (bonus codes are occasionally still going to emerge on our social channels). So let’s see how well your predictions went so far and which are some highlights of the tournament itself.

Statistics and highlights

The number one scoring team in the number of goals so far is Paris Saint-Germain with 17 goals, followed by Manchester City with 16, and Bayern and Porto with 15 goals. PSG won 3 matches, lost 1, and went tie in 2. They were a favourite in every match with more than 57% of your votes, except in the game they lost against Liverpool 3:2, where votes of 33,93% were equal for both teams.

Manchester City won 4 matches, lost 1, and went tie wit 1. They were a favourite in every match they play with more than 91% of votes every time. Bayern won 4 times and went tie 2 times. They were also a favourite in all matches with more than 66% of votes, with 100% of votes in 3 matches (2 x AEK and Benfica).

Bayern player Robert Lewandowski is Champions League group stage top scorer with 8 goals, followed by Lionel Messi (6) for Barcelona. This is just the second time neither Messi nor Cristiano Ronaldo have shared that honour since 2010/2011. Messi is otherwise the all-time group stage top scorer with 66 goals, followed by Ronaldo with 61 goals.

Iker Casillas, Porto goalkeeper, has participated in a record 20th UEFA Champions League campaign with his appearance for Porto against Schalke. He has made more UEFA club competition appearances than any other player, although Ronaldo is threatening to catch his one-time team-mate.

The most predictable match was Atlético vs Monaco with 49,06% exact predictions. Following was Juventus vs Young Boys with 37,1%, while the match between teams held in the last week was the last predictable since there were no exact nor correct game predictions – Young Boys won 2:1, which was “a very nice Christmas present” according to their player Guillaume Hoarau. Same was for the match between Real Madrid and CSKA Moskva, where Moskva won 3:0.

Who knows what else this year’s Champions League will bring. Who do you think is going to win this time?

There’s still time to support your team, points from predictions are now doubling in each round, and you can still collect multiple bonus points from friend invites and bonus codes we share on social media.

Join SportyCo Predict & Win game if you haven’t yet, continue playing if you did, and invite more friends so you can support your team together. We can make this year’s tournament even more memorable! 😉

Sources: UEFA

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