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The glamorous golf players life – myth or fact?

Ah, the glorious and simple life of professional golfers. All have lucrative sponsorship deals, travel the world playing golf on nicest courses, wear fancy clothes, have time off between seasons, and make a decent amount of money all year around no matter what, right? Wrong. Here’s what Neil Potts, Founder and CEO of, commented on Quora:

If only it were that simple! It’s true, the top professional golfers’ life is an incredible life – they travel around the world, pick and choose the events they want to play and earn several million dollars a year, not to mention the top-ups from sponsorship deals. But getting to this level, and staying there, is INCREDIBLY difficult. For the 200 or so golfers in the world who live this kind of life, there are thousands more professional golfers who struggle so much just to make ends meet. The added cruelty of the sport is that when you are not playing well, and playing with the added pressure of having to make a cut to pay the bills, it’s even more difficult. When the money is safely in the bank and you are simply playing to win, it’s a very different game.

I played some junior golf with Rhys Davies, who was simply spectacular at the time. He was in a completely different league to the rest of us and went on to be the number 1 ranked college golfer in the US. He then progressed to the European Challenge Tour (European equivalent of the Tour), won the required 3 tournaments in a season for automatic promotion, and stepped out onto the main European Tour. He had a brilliant rookie season, earning around $2m and finishing around 18th in the Race to Dubai season rankings, narrowly missing out on Ryder Cup qualification and getting into the top 50 in the world. The next season was solid although not spectacular, earning around $750k. Then things started to get difficult, and over the last few years Rhys has lost his card, gained it back, and is now looking like losing it again this year (2016).

The point is, it’s a really difficult game and for the majority of professional golfers, it’s really not the glamorous easy life that people think. The standard is unbelievably high and so few golfers get to the top and stay there.

Golf is like any other sport, although it’s true that the wealthy have a far greater chance for initial participation and competitive achievements. It’s still a hard road to the top and it’s even harder to stay there because of that, with the constant pressure to make ends meet financially.

Here’s where we can help. Together, with the help of SportyCo platform, we can support them in any stages of their career – from talented but less fortunate youngsters, who can’t play because of high participation costs, to settled professionals who had a period of bad luck or injury and need to start over. In golf, like in any other sport, there are athletes who need us. 😉

Source: Quora

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